Minivan turns in front of bicyclist, kills rider

On behalf of Anderlini & McSweeney LLP posted in Bicycle Acidents on Thursday, October 3, 2013.

Riding a bicycle in the beautiful Bay Area can be relaxing. But, with San Mateo and surrounding areas having high traffic volume, other motorists can put those bike riders in danger. An inattentive or distracted driver can make a mistake that leads to an auto accident resulting in serious injury or death. One of these tragic accidents occurred recently in the San Mateo Mountains.

There, a woman was riding her bike northbound when a southbound vehicle made a left turn in front of her. The vehicle and the bicycle collided and, though she was wearing a helmet, the bicyclist was killed. The accident, which occurred in the early afternoon, shows these events can transpire at any time and that negligent drivers can be unaware of even the most vulnerable on the road.

Read about the incident here.

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