Lawsuit underway in case centered on surgical error death in routine IUD removal

On behalf of Anderlini & McSweeney LLP posted in Wrongful Death on Thursday, September 26, 2013.

This blog often discusses instances where medical professionals make mistakes that lead to serious injuries. Perhaps the most unnerving aspect of these cases is they do not occur during rare operations or the diagnosing of rare medical conditions. Instead, preventable errors during common surgeries can be fatal, leaving a surviving family devastated.

One of these tragic instances occurred in 2011 and is the center of an ongoing wrongful death lawsuit. In that case, a woman was killed after an operation that located an IUD, removed the IUD, and conducted tubal ligation, also known as having tubes tied. During the procedure, a needle penetrated one of the patient’s arteries and, 14 hours later, the woman went into cardiac arrest and died. An autopsy showed the patient had lost over two quarts of blood from the punctured artery. The doctor who performed the operation has settled out of court, but the wrongful death lawsuit continues against the hospital and the anesthesiologist present during the operation.

Source: “40 year old died from botched IUD removal/tubal ligation surgery: lawsuit

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