Three Concord bicyclists involved in fatal accident

Originally posed on behalf of Anderlini & McSweeney LLP on  April 25, 2012 in Wrongful Death

Bicycling is a way of life in the California bay area. Some people ride to and from work and school, while others bike for sport and fun. But considering that cyclists must share the road with vehicles many times heavier and faster than they are, bicycling can be just as dangerous, if not more so, than driving. Staying on bike friendly roads and always wearing a helmet are smart ways to stay safe, but when drivers act errantly, negligently or recklessly; even the safest bikers are vulnerable.

One of these tragic events happened recently in Concord, California. A father and his two young daughters were riding their bikes when a teenage driver jumped a curb and struck them. The father and one of the daughters were killed; the other daughter survived with minor injuries. Witnesses allege that the driver was speeding.

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