Jury Awards $8 Million Verdict In Wrongful Death Against Physician

Posed on behalf of Anderlini & McSweeney LLP on January 10, 2013 in Wrongful Death

A Connecticut jury just returned an $8 Million wrongful death verdict against a physician after they were found liable for the death of a man who committed a murder-suicide in 2009. Attorneys for his estate of James Morrin alleged that the murder-suicide was the result of “carelessness and negligence” on the part of Morrin’s physician. The jury agreed and found the physician Carl Koplin liable.

The Complaint alleged medical malpractice by the doctor and the medical groups that employed him failed “to exercise that degree of care and skill ordinarily and customarily used by physicians specializing in family practice medicine.” Including the failure to refer Morrin to a psychiatrist or psychologist for his “serious psychiatric condition” and the failure to properly evaluate Morrin’s mental state and recognize suicidal tendencies.

The verdict is under appeal.

Read the full story here

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