San Francisco Pedestrian Killed By Car

The Bay Area is supposed to be pedestrian friendly. Yet, all too often motorists take their eyes off the road, speed, or drive while intoxicated, making the roadways extremely dangerous for those on foot or riding bicycles. When a pedestrian accident occurs it is often quite serious, as pedestrians do not have the protection of airbags and metal framing like those provided to those driving cars.

One elderly woman’s family may now know how dangerous negligent drivers can be after a fatal accident in San Francisco. According to reports, the 78-year-old woman was hit by a vehicle and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. Though police do not believe the driver of the vehicle was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, she still may have been negligent, and that negligence might have caused the deceased’s death.

The loss of a loved one may be the hardest thing to deal with in life. Surviving loved ones may miss the companionship the deceased provided and they may never look on holidays the same without the victim. Also, the family may have relied on the deceased’s income, thus leaving them in a tough financial situation when those wages are lost. These circumstances can be made worse when medical bills associated with the accident come due.

When all these stressors become overwhelming, a California attorney may be able to step in and provide some much needed guidance and support. The surviving family can discuss a Wrongful death lawsuit with an attorney and the likelihood of success. To win a case and recover compensation, the family must be able to prove the defendant’s negligence and that negligence caused their loved one’s death. A driver who fails to yield to a pedestrian may be negligent, depending on the case’s facts.

But if a wrongful death case does succeed, then the family may recover compensation for a variety of damages. Medical expenses, funeral costs, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and lost wages may all be recoverable. These awards, if obtained, may help the family feel as if justice has been served and they can move on with life in remembrance of their lost family member.

Source: CBS San Francisco, “Elderly Pedestrian Killed In Morgan Hill Crash,” Nov. 19, 2013

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